About Skies Of June

'Skies of June' is the name of a musical co-operative formed in 2015 for the purpose of performing, recording and promoting songs written by Frank Kelly. 

As well as guitar, bass and drums, 'Skies of June' also incorporate the trumpet, accordion, viola and cello as core instruments. 

It is partly this combination which gives the songs their unique sound, as well as the dizzying mix of musical styles discernible within the confines of each composition. 

If not all, at least some of the following musical genres are skilfully blended together in each song performed by 'Skies of June': Folk, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Latin, Classical, singer-songwriter, Baroque pop, Klezmer and countless idioms drawn from World Music. 

Add to these qualities tuneful melodies, sophisticated harmonies and evocative lyrics and the result is a highly emotional musical experience.

From Frank's Blog