About Frank

Frank Kellly grew up in the 1970's in London's East End.

As well as being exposed to Irish musical influences at an early age, he also benefited from hearing the music of other immigrant groups, which began a life-long interest in World Music. His father was a musician and taught him and his siblings the trumpet from an early age. 

During summer holidays, Frank and his siblings would often be packed off to Ireland to spend time with relatives in the Emerald Isle.

Leaving school at sixteen, Frank worked for the Bank of Ireland before spending a few months in Chicago after which he started up his own window-cleaning business. In his early twenties Frank returned to education, studying for English and Music 'A' Level at Barking College of Technology which had and still has a renowned Performing Arts Department.

For the next few years he divided his time between London and Ireland. 

In the mid nineties he taught English in Japan for two years, before returning to London where he met his partner and settled down. During all this time he had retained an active interest in music, joining musical groups or orchestras in the various places where he lived.

About four years ago he began writing songs, and now has a repertoire of about a hundred, all in various stages of completion.